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Intelligent Automatic Door System/Sensor and Related Accessories/Electronic access control system/High Efficency Power Supply/DC Brushless Motor Application

CS1000 Series

TRONCO CS1000 automatic sliding door system is developed by ourselves and produced by consumer demand. TRONCO has accumulated more than 10 years of automatic door experience in development, manufacturing and production. TRONCO CS1000 series pass through multi-national safety standards and market in Europe and America for many years.

TRONCO CS1000 door action is setting by microcomputer controller and can support access control system. The controller included a variety of emergency setting to the users’ security checks. CS1000 using a DC brushless DC motor and can use more than one million times, the opening and closing operation accurate and correct. It is quiet, energy saving and environmental friendly. With the low resistance transmission, the door can operate more gracefully and smoothly. TRONCO CS1000 series turn all the components into modular and have LED display to show status when it malfunction. It is more easy and convenient for you on installation and maintenance to detect it visually. It earns good comment from all the users.

  • Apply to doors for grage garage gates, hospital radiation-prevent doors, warehouse door, accessible space, security doors, commercial buildings, stores, ships ... and other places.
  • To connect with Safety and Security System
  • High performance, multifunction, professional solutions for automatic door systems
  • Easy installation, simple maintenance
Sliding door



Tronco has accumulated experiences in automatic door system with development, manufacture and production over 10 years. Tronco builted up a good reputation by stable products in Taiwan. Currently, we are also continuely expanding our product lines to provide better service and choice on systems and products to our client.     Read More


We expect to provide the best soluation by high-quality products and friendly price to our clients.



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TRONCO's team members mot only has professional background but also has international vision. We are full of enthusiasm to service our clients and reach the achievements together. 


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TRONCO takes customer's demand as a fundation to devolop and produce by ourselves. Our product has passed by multinational safety standards and sell in Europe for many years and also win the good reputation by users.


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