Curved Automatic Sliding Door

TRONCO US Series is has unique appearance. The metal curved line dynamic structure makes the door line soft and elegant. It emerged with the building perfectly to create visual design. You will find Tronco US series often in offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, airports and many types of public buildings.

Unlike sliding automatic doors, curved automatic sliding door’s door move along a curved track, in addition to elegant and beautiful appearance, it also play a strong practical value in use. Curved automatic sliding doors has double doors structure, it could become airtight chamber to separate the exchange air flow and temperature of indoor and outdoor. It not only could reduce the loss of air conditioning and the noise outdoor effectively but also prevent the dust intrusion to achieve carbon reduction targets.

TRONCO US Series is easy to collocate. It provides a full circle, semicircle, arch-shaped curvature of the doors of different styles according to the needs of the building. It brings space design into full play and creates all kinds of arbitrary ideal architectural style.


The perfect combination of straight lines and arcs

This curved sliding door is one kind of "metal curved line dynamic structure", the way using arc material builds the space use. Actually it’s a development and transformation to space characteristics of automatic door technology. General smooth type automatic door are linear appearance, showing only a straight line. To enable the internal space of curved sliding door to appear graceful façade. Letting the contour of linear arc turned into a combination of a beautiful art.

TRONCO US Series us metal arc to define the space, completely spate from the ordinary linear feel, turned the arc into the spatial sketch. Letting automatic door enter into the building works, to be feel what is defined beautiful space. Of course the long-short and the position of these curved lines constitute harmonious rhythm, it is not only an automatic door, but also contains different motion style, these arc and straight line constitute a wholly life space.

Beautiful Curved Automatic Sliding Door


If the general automatic doors do not meet your requirements for beauty, then use TRONCO US Series curved automatic sliding doors to replace it now!

  • US

    Door Weight

    120kg x 2

    Door Fitting Size

    Dimensioned on demand

    Height Under Canopy




    Minimum Radius


    Closing and Opening Speed

    100~600 mm/sec ( Adjustable )

    Keep Open Time

    0~30 sec

    Power Supply

    AC100V ~ 240V (50/60Hz)



    Output Power




    Brushless DC Electric Motor

    Chassis Dimension


    Ingress Protection 


    Temp. Range



Luxury Curved Automatic Sliding Door


Luxury Curved Automatic Sliding Door


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