Automatic Swing Door

automatic swing door

TRONCO SW10 / SW20 Series automatic swing door systems can be applied to heavy door leaves of weight within 1000kg, entire system is conducted by microprocessor and equipped with DC brushless motor, the motion is accurate and noiseless, it does not heat even under repeated operation. The chassis is simple but fashion, can be easily matched with door leaves of various styles; width of chassis can be same as door leaf’s in order to be looked good. The versatile functions can be used for fireproof area division for buildings if combined with both monitor system and fire door. With security system, it can be applied on offices and scientific factories. In coordination with infrared kits, it can also use for department stores, shopping malls, negative air pressure wards, barriers free spaces, entrance of operating rooms…etc.

TRONCO SW10 / SW20 Series automatic swing door system has pass through many rigorous duration and safety tests, optional safety accessories available, so that you can purchase according to the actual service condition to avoid staff being nipped.


Auto open horizons

TRONCO SW10 / SW20 Series automatic swing door system can be combined with different kinds of door leaves, such as single, bi-parting, left opened and right opened. It can also be configured according to clients’ special needs. TRONCO SW10 / SW20 series automatic swing door system is a scientific innovation integrated with latest artificial intelligence that can be applied in any location.


TRONCO SW10 / SW20 Series automatic swing door system adopts efficient DC brushless motor that both designed and manufactured by Tronco ourselves, which has small size, high rotation speed, low power consumption and will not heat under persistent working, thus temperature will be less than 50 centigrade degree all the time. It runs quietly and possesses the function of overloading protection and automatic restoration. The controller is easy to set and can test anytime so as to shorten time of installation.

sliding arm automatic swing door


TRONCO SW10 / SW20 Series automatic swing door systems to meet a variety of your needs!


  • SW10 / SW20

    Opening/Closing Time

    Opening:2~4.5sec ( 90 degrees ) Adjustable
    Closing:2~5.5sec ( 90 degrees ) Adjustable

    Hold-open Time

    1~30 sec ( Adjustable )

    Power Supply

    220V 50Hz;110V 60Hz

    Power Consumption

    Max 150w

    Maximum Output Power


    Spec. of Battery

    DC 12V 2.3Ah

    Recharge of Battery

    12V=0.15A ( Normal ), 0.3( Peak )


    DC brushless motor

    Class of Protection


    Temp. range

    -10°C~ +45°C

Door Weight




easy to install automatic swing door


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