safe and quick automatic rolling shutter

TRONCO develop and design the new wisdom of ultra-fast 3-5 seconds full open automatic rolling shutter. It has stressed the shuttle speed and is he typical products which designed for those who need ultra- high-speed rolling shutter. We have accumulated many years of research and development of intelligent automatic door system and production experience. We have adopted international standards on production specifications and requirements in the door of power, control, transmission, security, etc. Successful engineering performance and quality make us become the first in our industry and get cooperation from many listed companies, builders, hospitals, public works and large-scale pieces of case.

TRONCO ultra-high-speed automatic rolling shutter use brushless DC motor international professional. It is environmental protection, low temperature rise, low noise and high efficiency. We provide customizable exclusive drive system and design requirements to make the rolling shutter operate in stable. We also provide intelligent AI control system and a number of anti-collision safety system pinch function and to follow the needs of the external peripheral products for rolling shutter and then lift the automatic rolling shutter system functions.

TRONCO ultra-high-speed automatic rolling shutter is the perfect combination of power and wisdom of the kinetic energy. We establish professional standards override the crowd and lead the industry benchmark.


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automatic rolling shutter for garage


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