Automatic folding door could have more passage space

In a narrow and there is no extra space when the doors flinch, FD Series is an ideal solution. When the automatic folding doors open, it needs only 1/4 of the width of the channel for the depth of the doors. For different door width, the automatic folding doors ensure the maximum use of space that it could be used in hospitals and public places widely. The dust-proofing seal of doors makes door closed tightly, it can preventing the loss of air flow effectively and it helps to achieve the effect of carbon reduction.


Convenience, reliability, safety

Automatic folding door system offers a high standard of reliability and safety. It can continue to monitor the channel space, when case of the obstruction, the doors can be stopped automatically and using safety beam. For those who with limited mobility is security and a complete solution.


Automatic Door Systems with the minimum space requirements

The controller can support smooth, rapid response door operation. Meanwhile, in the ongoing monitoring channel space, automatic folding door system can ensure the safety of users. When confronted with an obstacle, the doors can be automatically stopped, and maintained in a state of rest, the door seals can also provide effective isolation of heat loss and air loss.

Stainless Automatic folding door


TRONCO FD Series folding automatic doors is the best choice for you when the space is limited!


Automatic folding door for exhibitions


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