Wireless Push Switch

Wireless Push Switch


● Operation without antemma makes installation easy
● No electromagnetic  interference
● Installation is easy as no wiring needed
● Water-proof function enhanced, possible to install by doodle side enhanced tape
● Compatible with old mode
● No interference from snow rain


Smart Design

Upon a slight push on the touch plate mounted on the automatic door. A transmitter in the plate sends a radio signal to the receiver inside the door channel and operates the door switch. Wireless snap button with accurate wireless signal emitter and the frequency password is adjustable. Extra-thin and slight narrow shaped snap. Inside and outside double snap buttons both with wireless signal emitter.

  • TS20

    Detection Method

    Pressurized detection

    Signal Transmission Way

    Ultrahigh frequency (310MHz)

    Transmission Distance



    AV110 or AC/DC12 ~ 24V


    Relay contact 1A DC50V


    L200 x W41 x H13mm


Wnat to know more about TS20 ?

Here is the relevant file of TS20, welcome to download it!

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