Nice Helper for Saving Energy---Half Mode

Automatic Sliding Door


Air conditioning power usage during peak periods often accounts for a large part, but do you know air conditioning leakage is one of the causes of high electricity?

The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs investigates the usage of air conditioner about 1100 stores at the core city and there are up to 38% of the store have the problem with air conditioning leakage. They do research for it and the result shows in summer, when the door opens, you could decrease 80% air conditioning leakage if you install air curtain. However, if you install automatic door, it could decrease up to 98% air conditioning leakage.

Although you have installed automatic door, the door open times still affect the air conditioning leakage for frequent access to space. If you don’t want to expense additional cost on air curtain, use half open mode of automatic door to narrow the open width is also an effective way for it. Despite saving energy, half open mode also could be used in hospitals to reducing bacteria enter another space or apply on Crowd flow control …and any kinds of application.

TRONCO provide you many kinds of setting half open on automatic door that you could use it flexible in different environment and situation.

half open


Sliding door program selector half open

1. Setting half open mode by program selector.

Use TRONCO automatic door series program selector CS-PS51. You just turn the button to half open that you complete the setting.


Signal sensor half open

2. Open the door by signal duration of sensor.

Just press the switch button, you could open the door at the position you want. With TRONCO microprocessor controller, you could control the door open range by the pressing duration in order to avoid air leakage.


Sliding door switch half open

3. Open the door in half by switch.

TRONCO's microprocessor controller provides different signal control to set independent switch. The operation of full-open / half-open switch could satisfy user's needs in different situations.


TRONCO automatic door CS series have many functions, easy to set on. It is saving energy, saving money and environmental protection to use half open mode to decrease the cold or warm air loss of conditioner.