Application of Safety Beam on Auto Door

Automatic sliding gate


In the field of automatic doors, how to prevent injuries, it has always been a very important issue.

Every time we heard about some automatic door accidents, we will analyze the causes of the problem and reflect on how to improve the safety of products. We hope the customers who use TRONCO’s products could avoid accidents.


Development of automatic doors is to increase user convenience. As long as collocate with properly, you will be able to establish a secure environment. Thanks to technological advances, automatic doors related peripheral products more complete. Wherein the safety beam sensor SR-S300 is often widely used products. Use TRONCO intelligence automatic doors, and then with auxiliary products for users' needs, will be able to establish a secure environment.


safety beam sensor


safety beam sensor

Main reason: human error, lack of equipment

If you install security protection facilities, can reduce the harm caused by human error. TRONCO summed several situations about accident:

1. Petite person

Ex. Children with short stature and slow pace, sometimes staying at the door and just at sensing blind spot that devices detect failure, would cause the accident.

2. People with disabilities

Ex. Wheelchairs users and crutches users cannot pass through the automatic doors smoothly because of moving with difficulty and slowly.

3. Rush through before door closing

Ex. The door is about to close, someone misjudged the door closing time and forced through before closing, thus be hit or caught by the door.

4. The doors use push switch

Ex: Someone who cannot pass through the door after the door opening by press or , too late or just before closing again by pressing the door, which hit.

5. The doors use remote control

Ex.  Use remote controller to close the automatic without checking there is no obstacle on the path. Or do not pay attention to the door closing and insist on the adoption.



Best of both worlds with one security device

Safety beam sensor SR-S300 is one of the applications of infrared equipment, mostly installed on both sides of the door frame. One side is the receiver, the other side is transmitter and they formed an infrared beam. When the infrared blocked by an object, it will immediately send signal to the controller to react, it can reduce the occurrence of accidents.


In addition, install safety devices could effectively extend the service life of the door. If the door is often collided for a long time, the door closed position would be inaccurate, and even need to repair mechanical devices. According to TRONCO years of experience, after installing safety beam sensor, it can effectively reduce the frequency of collision, thereby reducing maintenance times and costs. It is a good product to kill two birds with one stone.

                protect all people


TRONCO think from man’s view as a starting point, unlimited to pursuit safety. We bring you safe and secure automatic doors.